Specialists in China A-Shares and U.S. Equities

Greenwich Park Capital Management, founded in 2021 and based in Stamford Connecticut, is a boutique asset manager with a focus on growth equities. We invest across U.S. public equities markets as well as China's domestic public equities markets, the third largest securities market and second largest economy globally behind the U.S.


Our firm employs a fundamental approach to investing within the A-Share and H-Share/Hong Kong Listed opportunity set as well as the U.S. equity opportunity set in a combined format. This combination allows us to participate in areas of growth across both of the worlds largest economies while benefitting from their historically low equity market correlation. We incorporate short positioning within our portfolios as a channel to hedge risks from the long side of our portfolios. Our macro top down and fundamental bottom up combined approach incorporates the time tested principles and methods established by the likes of Buffet and Graham to Gabelli and Dalio, to build concentrated and high conviction portfolios.

Capturing Alpha in A-Shares

 Investment Philosophy

At Greenwich Park Capital Management, we take a macro approach to identifying opportunities across China’s domestic market and the U.S. market while taking fundamental approach to analyzing specific securities. We believe that investing in China is best accomplished through a quality-growth approach, focusing on companies of larger capitalization. Our investment approach is most accomplished by investing in a concentrated, high conviction manner. We seek to own primarily profitable earners that hold significant market share in their segments as a foundation for our portfolio while still allowing for flexibility in investing in up-and-coming non-earners. Our approach also leverages the diversification effect of incorporating both U.S. and Chinese securities in a single portfolio, which historically demonstrates roughly a (0.5) low correlation to each other. The U.S. is currently raising interest rates and implementing QT while China is lowering interest rates and easing. The two-country portfolio also incorporates opportunistic shorting and hedging. This element is implemented tactically in the portfolio when opportunities for alpha present themselves as well as periodic hedging against large external macro events.